Dual Study Marketing Management

Autumn 2022 – It’s done!
My long-awaited milestone, the completion of my dual bachelor’s degree at DHBW Mannheim in Business Administration – Marketing Management, has been reached.

I look back on three exciting and very formative years, which I was able to experience in addition to my theoretical phases at Engelmann Sensor GmbH in the marketing department. In addition to the professional input, I noticed very strongly how the varied and especially the challenging tasks have developed me personally.

I am happy to recommend both the DHBW Mannheim as a university and Engelmann Sensor GmbH as an employer. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to conclude by saying THANK YOU to everyone who has accompanied and supported me on this journey!

In October, I got to step into my new role as Marketing Manager and I’m excited to continue capturing wonderful moments in #TeamEngelmann! Here’s to a great time!