Inspection of smoke alarms remotely

The smoke detector (Smoke Detector C1) is a smoke detector with full remote inspection (according to DIN 14676). This eliminates the need for an annual on-site inspection. Because this smoke detector checks its functionality and the installation situation itself. This information is transmitted regularly via wireless M-Bus radio and can then be read out walky-by, i.e. with software and a radio receiver, or stationary (AMR) with a gateway. More details can be found in the application description “Set up AMR network”.

If the telegram is sent min. Read out once a year, it is not necessary to enter the apartment for the entire life (10 years). This is a great advantage for users as well as for the respective apartment users.

The smoke detector scans the surroundings by means of ultrasonic sensors. If there is an interfering obstacle in the vicinity, this is detected. The smoke inlet is controlled by means of a light signal sent through the transparent light guide. Thus, the smoke alarm checks whether the smoke can penetrate unhindered and be detected.

Gateway Bild


The data collector for easy remote reading.

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Read-out software Bild

Read-out software

The intuitive software for readout via cell phone, tablet or notebook in the 4th generation.

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