Leakage detection with water meter

Water meters are precise measuring devices which measure the volume flowed through by means of the impeller measuring principle. These are able to detect even the smallest flows.

Thus, the water meter is also able to detect a leakage. As long as a constant flow is present, this is not a normal consumption behavior for the meter. The leakage is shown on the display with a dripping faucet as a symbol and also transmitted in the radio telegram.

This can ensure that leaks are detected early, before it leads to big surprise water bills. Likewise, this is a prevention of raw fracture, which is often also indicated by leakage.

Gateway Bild


The data collector for easy remote reading.

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FAW radio add-on module Bild

FAW radio add-on module

The versatile radio add-on module with detection of backflow and magnetic interference.

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WaterStar M Bild

WaterStar M

The radio-integrated electronic water meter for all common installation locations.

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