Build AMR network

AMR means “Automatic Meter Reading”. This technology is used to automatically collect consumption, diagnostic, and status data from heat meters or water meters, etc., and transfer this data to a central database for billing, troubleshooting, and analysis.

AMR technology primarily saves utilities the cost of regular trips to each site to read meters.

Setting up an AMR net requires only a few simple steps. As a basic requirement are the actual meters, which must be equipped with wireless MBus radio.

A gateway “data center” collects the wireless MBus data and automatically sends it to a server for analysis.

Since the wireless MBus radio is very power-saving, the transmission ranges are limited, so a repeater may have to be used to increase the transmission ranges of the meters.

Gateway Bild


The data collector for easy remote reading.

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Read-out software Bild

Read-out software

The intuitive software for readout via cell phone, tablet or notebook in the 4th generation.

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Data Service Platform Bild

Data Service Platform

Data platform for providing and bundling all received consumption data including device status

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