Water meter

The radio-integrated water meter is the perfect solution for recording cold and hot water consumption. With a wide range of single-jet and multi-jet flow sensors for cold and hot water applications, the meter is suitable for all common installation locations and applications. The digital display shows the consumption values in real time, so you always have an overview of your water consumption.

Thanks to the integrated 868 MHz radio, the consumption values can be transmitted wirelessly at any time. OMS-compliant radio communication in T1 or C1 mode enables reliable remote reading of the devices. Installer work is done quickly, as the device is easy to install and can be adjusted at any time. Up-to-date notices and alerts ensure that you are always up to date and can quickly identify potential problems.

The funkintegrated water meter is the perfect choice for reliable, accurate and efficient collection and measurement of your water consumption.

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FAW radio add-on module Bild

FAW radio add-on module

The versatile radio add-on module with detection of backflow and magnetic interference.

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WaterStar M Bild

WaterStar M

The radio-integrated electronic water meter for all common installation locations.

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