Smoke Detector C1

Smoke Detector C1

A smoke detector for complete remote inspection with integrated radio

The Engelmann smoke alarm C1 is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to equip their residential or commercial premises with a reliable and efficient smoke alarm. Thanks to its compliance with DIN 14676 and thus the possibility of a complete remote inspection, annual on-site inspections are no longer necessary.

The smoke alarm monitors its environment and performs regular self-tests to ensure that it is functioning properly at all times. The 3-way ultrasonic scanning also monitors the smoke detector’s surroundings and checks the smoke inlet. With simple activation by detecting the attached smoke alarm, the Engelmann C1 is particularly user-friendly.

The Engelmann smoke alarm C1 is also suitable for bedrooms, because in normal mode no LED flashes, which could disturb sleep. Advisory tones are triggered only during the day, thanks to a day/night sensor that guarantees an undisturbed night’s rest.

The smoke alarm is equipped with a 10-year battery and thus offers a long service life. In addition, it has an integrated radio compatible with OMS 4 Mode 7, which allows complete monitoring and verification of the operation of the smoke alarm.

With the Engelmann Masterkey you can test all smoke alarms in the building at once and read out the results. Radio transmission in C1 mode enables both walk-by readout and connection to our AMR system. The transmitted data can be received and evaluated at any time with the Engelmann Read-Out software or via the Data Service Platform.

Invest in your safety and protect your home or business premises with the reliable Engelmann smoke alarm C1.


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