Management of consumption data in radio networks

The Data Service Platform (DSP) is a powerful tool specifically designed for remote reading and data provisioning in AMR networks.

With the DSP, in addition to the advantages of the Gateway Management Platform (GMP), you benefit from consolidated provision of meter data and automatic forwarding of data. This ensures reliable and efficient data transmission. In addition, the DSP enables the visualization of indication and error messages of the meters. This way, you can quickly identify problems and take action without having to be on site.

Automated data provision and remote reading allow you to reduce trips to your properties to a minimum and optimize your cost structure.

All in all, the DSP offers an easy way of remote reading with clear provision of consumption data. Thanks to automatic forwarding, the DSP can be conveniently integrated into your system landscape and enables you to optimize your processes.

Gateway Bild


The data collector for easy remote reading.

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Gateway Management Platform Bild

Gateway Management Platform

Web-based platform for convenient parameterization and management of installed gateways remotely

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Data Service Platform Bild

Data Service Platform

Data platform for providing and bundling all received consumption data including device status

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