Sustainability at Engelmann Sensor GmbH

Sustainability and resource conservation are central topics for Engelmann Sensor GmbH.

We have been active for decades as a manufacturer of measuring devices for saving thermal energy. Sustainability is thus part of our DNA.

Heat meters make an effective contribution to the sustainability and saving of energy in buildings. Continuous measurements and optimizations of heating and cooling systems can save up to 40% energy consumption. In this way, we directly contribute to a reduction of CO2 footprint.

We are proud to play a part in protecting our planet. Our products and services are designed to promote resource conservation by minimizing our environmental footprint and reducing our CO2 emissions.

We are aware that we are not only responsible for the environment, but also for our employees and society as a whole. For this reason, we always strive to assume social responsibility and ensure sustainable production and supply chain.

We are continuously working to reduce our CO2 emissions in order to play our part in climate protection. We are proud to offer our customers an alternative that is both sustainable and cost-effective.

Engelmann Sensor GmbH is committed to playing a leading role in promoting sustainability and environmental protection.