Consumption data acquisition of water in apartment buildings

Water meters are precise measuring devices which measure the volume flowed through by means of the impeller measuring principle. These are able to detect even the smallest flows. The water flowing through it drives an impeller. The rotations of the impeller are detected by coils and thus converted into volume. This system is insensitive to tampering. This enables precise recording and billing.

The electronic water meter (WaterStar M) stores not only the current value but also historical values such as the end-of-month value or the reference date value. These can be read out either directly at the meter via the display or via optical communication.

Likewise, the water meter has a built-in wireless M-Bus radio. This can be read out walky-by, i.e. with software and a radio receiver, or stationary (AMR) with a gateway. More details can be found in the application description “Build AMR network”.

Gateway Bild


The data collector for easy remote reading.

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Read-out software Bild

Read-out software

The intuitive software for readout via cell phone, tablet or notebook in the 4th generation.

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FAW radio add-on module Bild

FAW radio add-on module

The versatile radio add-on module with detection of backflow and magnetic interference.

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WaterStar M Bild

WaterStar M

The radio-integrated electronic water meter for all common installation locations.

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