Heat meters

Sensostar U

Heat measurement of the latest generation.

  • Ultrasonic flow meter available with nominal flow till qp 10
  • Modular solution for different communication interfaces offers more flexibility and lower storage costs
  • Easy system connectivity i.a. with 3 pulse inputs or 1-2 pulse outputs
  • Backflow and air detection for quick error analysis
  • Precise measurement with 2 / 60 sec. dynamic temperature measurement cycle
  • High temperature version (15 – 130 °C) for use in district heating
  • Radio transmission and display of 15 monthly and half-monthly values in compact telegram
  • Storage of 24 monthly and half-monthly values
  • Temperature sensor also available in 6 meters length
  • Modifiable casing (can be opened)
  • Battery easy to exchange
  • High safety with safety class IP65
  • Flexibility on-site by simple parameterisation of the installation point and displayed energy units
  • Prepared for power supply
  • Fast monitoring possible with optional external power supply