Ultrasonic heat meter SensoStar U

Ultrasonic heat meter SensoStar U

The latest generation of the amount of heat measurement.

Our SensoStar U is the latest generation of compact meters and offers accurate measurement results using state-of-the-art ultrasonic technology. Regardless of whether it is heat meter, cooling meter or hybrid (heat/cooling meter), the SensoStar U enables high-precision measurements and offers a wide range of advantages.

Flexibility in handling, installation and communication is ensured by the wide range of sizes and overall lengths as well as the modular solution for different communication interfaces. With radio communication via wireless M-Bus, up to 15 monthly and semi-monthly values are transmitted at individually adjustable transmission intervals, which, in addition to the connection to an AMR system, also enables convenient walk-by readout. OMS-compliant radio communication in OMS Mode 5 or Mode 7 encryption mode guarantees secure transmission of measurement data.

Thanks to modern ultrasonic technology, the SensoStar U delivers high-precision measurement results in any installation position. The dynamic temperature measurement cycle adapts flexibly to temperature fluctuations and is therefore also suitable for recording the smallest flow rates and rapid temperature changes.

For maximum installation flexibility, temperature sensors with up to 6 m cable length and the possibility to connect an external power supply for real-time monitoring are provided.

With all these advantages, the SensoStar U is the perfect choice for precise measurements and easy error analysis. Choose the SensoStar U and experience the highest quality and flexibility in energy billing.


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