Cooling meter calcu­lator SensoStar C

Cooling meter calcu­lator SensoStar C

The new calculator can be combined with all common flow sensors.

The SensoStar C calculator can be combined with all common flow sensors and offers maximum convenience when connecting the flow sensor and temperature sensors thanks to the improved opening mechanism. The calculator offers full flexibility for integration into your system landscape through the selection of various retrofittable communication modules.

With a 30 second temperature measurement cycle and a battery life of up to 20 years, it provides accurate measurements. By connecting an external power supply, the temperature measurement cycle is reduced to 2 seconds, allowing direct monitoring of your system.

The calculator stores up to 24 monthly and semi-monthly values, which can be read out via M-Bus or the optical interface. With radio communication via wireless M-Bus, up to 15 monthly and semi-monthly values are transmitted at individually adjustable transmission intervals, which, in addition to the connection to an AMR system, also enables convenient walk-by readout. OMS-compliant radio communication in OMS Mode 5 or Mode 7 encryption mode guarantees secure transmission of measurement data.

The calculator is available in different versions so that you can find the right solution for any installation situation. The option of adjusting the installation location and the energy unit retrospectively during installation makes the SensoStar C extremely flexible to use. The calculator is also suitable for use as a solar meter by allowing you to set the type and concentration of the glycol mixture.


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