Read-out software

Read-out software

The intuitive software for readout via cell phone, tablet or notebook in the 4th generation.

Engelmann’s read-out software is the ideal walk-by solution for anyone looking for an efficient and user-friendly way to optimize their meter reading. The 4th generation of the software impresses with a modern, intuitive design that makes readout via tablet, notebook or cell phone easier than ever before. The software is compatible with Windows and Android systems and, thanks to interoperability, enables the reception of all OMS-compliant telegrams.

Thanks to flexible route planning, you can plan your readout routes on 3 or even 5 levels, depending on which structure is most suitable for your estates and equipment. You can choose between routes, use units and devices or between routes, estates, entrances, use units and devices.

The read-out software also supports easy integration with any billing system. With a selection of different export formats, you can quickly and easily import the readout data into your billing software for further processing.

Overall, Engelmann’s read-out software is a powerful and easy-to-use solution for meter reading. With its interoperability and user-friendliness, it is the ideal choice for any company looking to optimize its readout.

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