Gateway Management Platform

Gateway Management Platform

Web-based platform for convenient parameterization and management of installed gateways remotely

Gateway Management Platform (GMP) – Efficient management of your Engelmann radio systems.

The Gateway Management Platform (GMP) is the ideal solution to manage your Engelmann radio systems easily and efficiently. With the web-based platform, you have access to all relevant information at any time and can conveniently perform the parameterization of the installed gateways remotely.

Thanks to an intuitive user interface and simple process guidance, parameterization of the gateways is quickly completed. Even before installation, you can make all the necessary adjustments from the comfort of your desk, saving time and money. Installation time at the property is significantly reduced and, if necessary, subsequent adjustments can be easily made remotely.

The GMP dashboard provides you with all important information about the installed gateways at a glance. Immediately after logging in, you will receive an overview of all gateways per property as well as the current status of the individual devices. This way you have all relevant information for your employees at a glance.

Another advantage of GMP is that it can be accessed from anywhere and by several people at the same time. You can create separate profiles for all users, ensuring that every registered employee can view the current status of properties and devices at any time and take direct action if necessary. This not only improves communication, but also the efficiency of your operations.

With the Gateway Management Platform (GMP), you rely on a web-based platform that enables you to efficiently manage your radio systems. Thanks to the ease of use and the ability to make adjustments remotely, you save time and money.

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