Our Engelmann Repeater Single-Hop is available

We are pleased to introduce our Repeater Single-Hop. The repeater supports the gateway in data collection – if there is a weak device signal, this acts as a signal booster.

The repeater is delivered as a single-hop version and can be used immediately in conjunction with the Engelmann default settings. So you can simply screw the repeater on and get started right away – no complicated setup is required.

Item no. Repeater single-hop: 05000077



For multi-hop operation (max. 4 hops) or to change the Engelmann settings, we also offer a dongle with the corresponding software.

Item no. Dongle (optional): 05000079


Engelmann settings:

  • Receive mode: T/C
  • Transmit mode: C
  • Reception time: 25 min / Mon – Sun
  • Start time: 09:00 (winter time)
  • Installation mode: 60 minutes
  • Single Hop
  • Battery connected,
    Service life approx. 10 years (with the Engelmann settings)
  • Clock activated


June 2022