Girls and Boys Day 2024: We are part of it.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

At kindergarten age, the answers to this question are: Princess, policeman, model, superhero, teacher or astronaut – depending on age and current interest. If you ask this question at secondary school, the answer is often just a shrug of the shoulders and a short “I don’t know”. It is also difficult to find the job that suits you best from the multitude of different professions. To make it easier to choose a career later on, we provide an initial insight into the fields of activity at Engelmann on the nationwide day of action for cliché-free career orientation. And there are certainly enough of them. The girls and boys in grades 5-10 can look forward to it:

How is a heat meter created? What do you do in internal sales? What work processes are there in production? What does the day-to-day work in product development look like? We will answer these and other questions for interested students on April 25, 2024. As in previous years, we look forward to welcoming many interested pupils to show them how we at Engelmann are helping to shape the future. How we promote sustainability. How we drive innovation.

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