The data collector for easy remote meter reading.


Radio systems Engelmann Connect


The data collector for easy remote meter reading.

  • Accessibility of different devices of various manufacturers due to an open system according to M-Bus and OMS
  • Easy startup through compatibility of all Engelmann telegram types and versions: OMS vers. 2.0.0, 3.0.1, 4.0.2, long telegram (walk-by)
  • Established wM-Bus 868 MHz frequency in the modes T1, C1 or S1
  • Adaptable to local conditions with energy supply over battery, or optional power pack supply
  • Processing of 1000 devices within battery supply or of 1500 within power pack supply
  • Half-monthly data collection and transfer within battery supply or daily with power supply
  • Easy data transfer through upload to any FTP server or to E-Mail addresses
  • Forwarding the data over GPRS
  • High protection due to protection class IP65 (battery or power supply) therefore usable in outdoor areas
  • Configuration via USB and SMS

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