Technical training for sales: property inspection in theory and practice

Date: 26.09.2024
Duration: 09:00 – 17:00
Target group: Sales, installers, customer service

Training objective

What products does Engelmann offer?
How is a property fully recorded for accounting purposes?
How do I recognize the different installation situations for heat and water meters using a practical example?
How do I install a Heat Cost Allocator, water meter and heat meter?
How do I determine the required number of gateways in the property?

We clarify these and many other questions in this training course, which we hold directly on our premises. Our long-standing installation and sales professionals will show and explain everything you need to know in detail. Interactive and practical on our Engelmann assembly wall. Our aim is to provide your employees with the specialist knowledge in theory and practice so that you can then fully record a property, recognize the different installation situations and determine the required measurement technology and number of gateways. Under supervision, you will carry out the installation of Heat Cost Allocators, heat and water meters on the Engelmann installation wall to develop your practical skills. A factory tour rounds off the entire training course. All participants receive a training certificate at the end of the course.


Engelmann product portfolio
Theoretical & practical object inspection
Theoretical determination of the Gateway number
Installation of Heat Cost Allocators, heat and water meters


The participation fee for the training course is € 800 plus VAT per participant. The price includes training documents, drinks, lunch and, in the case of in-house training, a guided tour of the plant.