Gateway Management Platform

Web-based platform for convenient configuration and management of installed gateways from remote locations

Your advantages

  • Cost saving:
    You parameterise the gateways conveniently from your office before installation. The installation time in the property can thus be significantly reduced. In addition, if necessary, adjustments can be easily made remotely via the online portal.
  • Time saving:
    You parameterise the gateways in just a few steps, thanks to an intuitive user interface in just a few process steps.
  • All important information at a glance:
    Immediately after logging in, you receive an overview of the successful parameterisation and operation of the gateways on the start page of your personal Gateway Management Platform. In this way, measurement service staff/teams have all the necessary information at a glance. In addition to an overview of all gateways per property, the current status of the individual gateways can also be viewed.
  • Access from anywhere and by several people at the same time:
    You can create separate profiles for all users. In this way, every registered employee can view the current status of the properties and devices at any place and at any time and take direct action if necessary.