“Heat suppliers can rely on us. The same goes for heat distributors.”
Ulrich Kunstein, Head of Metrological Department.

For Contractors / industrial applications

Tailor-made precision.

Energy efficiency is at the forefront of industrial applications. For these applications, energy consumption levels need to be measured for cost allocation and cost control. This requires monitoring solutions with prompt read-outs to facilitate the creation of consumption profiles which also act as a control input for equipment. Our large range of interfaces will also be of great use.

As a contractor, supplying heat and precision during continuous operations always takes top priority. New devices must also always correspond to any existing regulating and control technology at your small power station, or within your building management system.

If you are a contractor supplying heat and billing end consumers, you will need a complete solution using an Engelmann read-out system:
measuring, collecting and forwarding data. Thanks to the large selection of installation interfaces and the open standards for communication interfaces, Engelmann will provide you with a tailor-made solution which fits perfectly into your existing systems.

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