Connect Easy – web-based planning solution



Connect Easy

web-based planning solution

The web-based planning solution Engelmann Connect Easy provides a complete overview of required AMR hardware and their installation points in a property. The number

and installation points of gateways and repeaters are defined based on property specifications (size, building type, fire protection measures, lifts etc.). There is no need to identify ideal installation points and no worries about material planning any longer. Thanks to clear specifications, quotations and cost calculations can be done accurately.

This results in a high planning safety and leads to optimized installation processes.

The benefits for you:

  • Highest planning safety
  • Full control of costs
  • Ideal preparation and radio installation
  • High flexibility on commissioning
  • Easy change from walk-by to AMR at any time
  • Reception of all OMS-compatible devices
  • Data transmission via email or FTP
  • OMS 4 Mode 7 encryption
  • Highest reception performance